Working in Canada

Here are suggested steps to get a job in Canada.

Before you depart your home country

  • Get your credentials assessed

Allow yourself 4-6 weeks to receive the assessments. Popular organisations are

  • Check if the occupation is regulated in Canada.

Research the Canadian job market to learn about your occupation.  This is specially important if you might need to obtain a license to practice your profession or trade. For instance,if you are a/an

    • Architect, you can ask about the BEFA certification here.
    • Counselor or Psychotherapist, you can become a member of the CCPA here. 
    • Chartered Accountant, you would need to obtain a CPA designation, you can click here for more.
    • Dentist, you will receive information on the CDAC here.
    • Doctor who is trained in the UK, US, Australia, Ireland and a few other countries, you can be accredited here.
    • Engineer, you should approach Engineers Canada here.
    • Human Resource Professional, you would need to work towards a CHRP, details here.
    • Interior Designer, you should get CIDA accredited, information here.
    • Lawyer, approach the Federation of Law Societies of Canada here.
    • Life Insurance professional, you should sign up for the LLQP through the IFSE here.
    • Nurse, you may want to visit the Canadian Association of Schools of Nursing here.
    • P&C Insurance professional, you should become a member of the Insurance Institutes here.
    • Teacher in Ontario, you should become a member of the OCT here.
  • Work on your references.

Employers in Canada often ask for 3 references with whom you have worked with in the past. This is why you need to have a ready list of names with updated phone numbers, email addresses and work addresses. Above all, request your references for permission to use their names on your job applications.  If possible provide them with a rough draft of a reference letter that they are free to use.

When you reach Canada

  • Sign up with an Immigrant Service Organisation

Looking for a job is a job in itself. In other words, it requires hundreds of emails, applications, follow ups with employers. This is why you need to rely on an immigrant service organisation like Access Employment . The good news is that there is no fee involved with any of these services. That is why you need to beware of a company that asks for a fee to hook you up with a job. In other words, these organisations get paid by the government or the employer. In conclusion, you get great services for free!

  • Use the power of the internet

Finally, what got me an amazing job was using a web crawler like . For those who aren’t aware, web crawlers search company job postings and use an automated assistant to recommend jobs to you in your field.  Even if you don’t have wifi at home, use the services at the local library. It’s free. If you want to know which job is in demand in Canada right now, check out the link.

  • Work for free

Volunteer to make connections and learn about Canadian culture. Check out our blog post here. It’s a great way to get a foot in the door.

  • Upgrade your skills

There are community colleges, adult learning centers and continuing education courses that are available year round. Courses in IT, office administration and marketing are some courses that are always in demand. This is why the government assists adult learners with generous student loan programs like OSAP. Be mindful that these loans are only available for Permanent residents and Canadian Citizens. Check out our blog post on 10 in demand skills for jobs. 

Above all, remain positive

The baby boomers are retiring and Canadians employers are looking out for qualified employees more than ever before. As a result the unemployment rate is the lowest it has ever been at around 6% and people are finding their niche much faster. To add to the good news, there is also a much bigger awareness of international qualifications and certifications.

Do you want to know what the costs of living in Canada are? Click here for our blog post on the subject.