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The snow is melting finally. Summer is here. Long days mean more time to soak up the sun and everything going around.The Canadian summer brings along a host of fun-filled activities to participate in. Some of them are amazingly exciting and refreshing.

The country with the longest coastline in the world has a variety of breathtaking landscapes full of adventures waiting to happen. From the lush green forests, turquoise glacial lakes and snowy mountain peaks to the golden prairies, vibrant valleys and remote beaches, Canada provides endless opportunities to satiate your inner explorer.

Summer is the prime time to experience all that this beautiful country has to offer.  You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars or take months off work to travel in Canada. Jump in your car for the day or buy a train ticket for the week and you are good to go. So what are you waiting for?

Here’s a list of Top 10 Activities to do this Summer.

  1. Live on the Edge :

Most of us are aware of the iconic CN Tower which is a prominent landmark in the Toronto skyline. But did you know that it has an EdgeWalk experience that allows you to walk around the building’s restaurant level…on the Outside! Now, how exciting is that?! Strap up to the harness, put on the jumpsuit and you are all set for a thrilling experience.

  1. Feel the spray in your face at Niagara falls :

The Niagara falls cover the US-Canadian border, but the best views are from the Canadian side. Just 90 minutes drive from Toronto brings you to this scenic spot. When you arrive, get up close with the three enormous cascades that make up the falls on the Hornblower Boat Trip. Prepare to get drenched and feel the water spray on your face. Wait till evening sets in and then you can enjoy a different,serene view of the fall amidst the play of lights.

  1. Canoeing in Banff National Park : 

Are you looking for tranquility and some ‘me’ time away from the hustle bustle of the city? Then Banff National park is the perfect place for you to spend a warm summer day. Enjoy the Rocky Mountains and soak in the calm atmosphere while enjoying various water activities available in the terrain. You can rent a cottage to spend quality time with the family, friends. The lakes and rivers of Banff and Lake Louise are as pristine and picturesque as they get. You can explore them by canoe, kayak. Try standing up paddleboard if you are the adventurous sort!

  1. Party mode on at Vancouver :

For all the party folks out there, Vancouver has a thriving and fun-filled night life. The main party areas surround Granville Street and Gastown, but do keep tabs on pop-up It-spots.

  1. Beach Trail in Toronto :

Popularly known as the Sugar beach, this spot has some amazing views of Lake Ontario and is located next to Redpath Sugar Refinery. Hire a Bicycle and tour around the beach or just sit on the sand for a summer tan. During summer, it’s a welcome retreat from heat of the city with the cool breeze blowing on you. And don’t you miss the number of food trucks and eateries adjoining the beach coupled with number of sporting activities going on.

  1. Transcontinental journey :

The TranConstinental train journey is sure going to enchant you. Hop aboard the Trans Canadian rails for a 4-night journey which links Toronto to Vancouver on the Pacific coast and features gentle prairie sunsets, dramatic Rocky Mountain panoramas ,rugged coastlines and every delightful picturesque beauty you can imagine. The journey includes stops in stunning cities such as Jasper, Saskatoon and Winnipeg. Book a ticket and enjoy your journey.

  1. Go camping in Ontario :

Fulfil your wilderness goals.  Canada’s many national parks are waiting. One of them is Algonquin Provincial Park, 2 hours north of Toronto. Here, in its mesmeric Boreal blend of pristine lakes and evergreen forests, you’ll find campers nodding off to howls of wolf packs and the strums of campfire ukulele sessions. The park has a dozen scenic campgrounds, or you can even rent a kayak and pitch your tent on a paddle-in island. Can anything be more blissful?!

  1. Food Fests :

Just about every weekend throughout the summer there’s a new food sampling opportunity at every other corner of Toronto. Take in the refined Tastemaker Toronto at Historic Fort York, the Taste of Little Italy which celebrates College Street’s rich Italian history, or the Taste of Lawrence in Scarborough with its array of flavors from practically every cultural community in the city. Time to gorge on some delicacies from around the world.

  1. Live Performance & Movie Screenings :

With the onset of summer, there’s a buzz in the cultural scene. Catch on some truly fascinating live performances of international artists. Movie screening under the star-filled sky inhabit local parks & squares. There are a whole lot of theatre performances to watch out for as well. Check out a traditional music festival. From folk in the west to country in the prairies and jazz in the east, there are plenty of summer sounds to get you dreaming.

  1. Take a tour through a Vineyard :

Take a trip through British Columbia’s Okanagan, Ontario’s Niagara region or Nova Scotia’s countryside for a taste of Canada’s wine country and all the distilleries decorating the route. Spend the day sipping away and the night at a scenic hotel or in an old Inn. Unwind and come back fresh!

So what are you waiting for?! Canada with it’s innumerable leisure activities is waiting for you to explore and discover!

Blog Authored by:   Rini Dalal

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