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Study options in Canada explained, from school to University

You want the best for your children. We understand that at Arkangel Inc. Parents all over the world are trying to provide a “better life” for their children than they had.

This blog profiles education in Canada and the different paths a student can take to enter what is a growing workforce in Canada. 

Maybe you have heard of kids like Cindy*. Her parents moved to Canada before she was born. She went to Montessori school until age 7 and then she went to public school until age 18. She attended Humber college for practical nursing and later for a Bachelor of Nursing. She works in urgent care as a Registered Nurse making $68,000/year salary**.

When I speak to families who have sent their children to Canada to go to school they all say the same thing. “I want the very best for my son” or “we want our daughter to have a bright future full of opportunity”. These are common cries of parents thinking about sending their child on a student visa to Canada.

Students like Raoul*. Raoul went to private school in his home country and but was accepted to Alathena private school in Ontario Canada when he turned 13. He studied there until 18 when he was accepted to a top Canadian University and completed a Bachelor of Science degree, scored well on the MCAT and went on to medical school. He is now a Family Doctor earning $120,000/year salary**.

Your child is unique. You are unique, and one of the best reasons to study in Canada is that we have options to help your child achieve their goals.

Like Jordan*, who is from Iran. Her family immigrated to Canada when she was 2. She went to Montessori school until age 6 and then went to public school until age 14 where she switched to private school until age 18. After completing high school she went on to study humanities at Brock University and achieved a Bachelor of Arts degree. After scoring well on the LSAT test and combined with an undergraduate degree she qualified and was accepted to a first-level law degree at Queens University, followed by articling to acquire her license and finally was admitted to the “bar” after passing the necessary exams. Now she has become a full-time Family Lawyer earning $235,000/year salary**.

In Canada, education comes with options. You will have many questions – which school will you send them to? How will you know they are getting the best education and are on track to a better life? How will you keep them safe from so far away?

.Just like Ben’s parents. Ben* was not born in Canada but his parents wanted a better future for him – so they sent him overseas to study in Canada. Ben went to private school at Chinook from grade 7 – 12 and then attended Brock University in Ontario where he studied Accounting and is now a Chartered Professional Accountant Coordinator earning $68,000/year** 

In Canada we boast about our education and we have some great private schools that help your child achieve their dreams. Most importantly, there are many opportunities available for gifted students to receive the mentoring that they require to succeed.  

Top schools like Alathena, a private school that opened its first location in 2010 in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada. At Alathena they “believe every student has an equal opportunity and space to demonstrate their knowledge.” Althena is an all boys school and a top choice for families looking to send their son to Ontario.

Student success is their top priority and they have school staffed with highly trained and skilled administrators, teachers, support staff and volunteers.

By blending the goals of the curriculum,  including success criteria and ongoing assessment, with the latest technologies and beautiful renovated spaces,  Alathena is home to many students from overseas whose parents began with a dream for their child

There are some families who have a deep need for faith based education. A reputable option to consider are school networks such as Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools. Their international program is a place to improve English language learning skills, learn about Canadian culture, and receive among the highest quality learning experience in a safe, beautiful, culturally diverse and accepting environment. With a growing network of 3 high schools and about a dozen elementary schools, this is a great option for faith based education overseas and is available both both boys and girls.

Visit their website to learn more and click here to ask us how we can help your child to come study in Canada. 

Finally a great private school option for students abroad of both genders is Chinook. They boast that at Chinook you can “Improve your English, make friends and immerse yourself in a unique Canadian culture….You will have a life changing experience and become a lifelong member of our International family.”

Offering Provincial curriculum equivalents and competitive scoring, Chinook is a home away from home to many international students.

Visit their website here and click here to ask us how we can help enroll your child to come study in Canada. 

Every child is different and requires a different set of needs. Imagine a country that celebrates your child’s uniqueness, imagine a country that will accommodate your situation. This is education in Canada and at ArkAngel Education we are always eager to discuss the path that may be best for you. 

Cecelia Ahern said, ‘Shoot for the moon, even if you fail, you will land among the stars’; with a Canadian education under their belt your dreams will be a reality.

Let’s make it happen together,  Celebrate the power of education, soar with us!   

Blog Authored by:  Guest Blogger- Amanda Piron

*names and stories are not specific to any individual. Any resemblance is coincidental, the stories give an idea of possible paths for students in Canada

**salary information available via

About the author: Amanda Piron is an Ontario Certified English Teacher and is passionate about helping new Canadians achieve their career goals!

Top 10 Things To Do in Summer- Blog

The snow is melting finally. Summer is here. Long days mean more time to soak up the sun and everything going around.The Canadian summer brings along a host of fun-filled activities to participate in. Some of them are amazingly exciting and refreshing.

The country with the longest coastline in the world has a variety of breathtaking landscapes full of adventures waiting to happen. From the lush green forests, turquoise glacial lakes and snowy mountain peaks to the golden prairies, vibrant valleys and remote beaches, Canada provides endless opportunities to satiate your inner explorer.

Summer is the prime time to experience all that this beautiful country has to offer.  You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars or take months off work to travel in Canada. Jump in your car for the day or buy a train ticket for the week and you are good to go. So what are you waiting for?

Here’s a list of Top 10 Activities to do this Summer.

  1. Live on the Edge :

Most of us are aware of the iconic CN Tower which is a prominent landmark in the Toronto skyline. But did you know that it has an EdgeWalk experience that allows you to walk around the building’s restaurant level…on the Outside! Now, how exciting is that?! Strap up to the harness, put on the jumpsuit and you are all set for a thrilling experience.

  1. Feel the spray in your face at Niagara falls :

The Niagara falls cover the US-Canadian border, but the best views are from the Canadian side. Just 90 minutes drive from Toronto brings you to this scenic spot. When you arrive, get up close with the three enormous cascades that make up the falls on the Hornblower Boat Trip. Prepare to get drenched and feel the water spray on your face. Wait till evening sets in and then you can enjoy a different,serene view of the fall amidst the play of lights.

  1. Canoeing in Banff National Park : 

Are you looking for tranquility and some ‘me’ time away from the hustle bustle of the city? Then Banff National park is the perfect place for you to spend a warm summer day. Enjoy the Rocky Mountains and soak in the calm atmosphere while enjoying various water activities available in the terrain. You can rent a cottage to spend quality time with the family, friends. The lakes and rivers of Banff and Lake Louise are as pristine and picturesque as they get. You can explore them by canoe, kayak. Try standing up paddleboard if you are the adventurous sort!

  1. Party mode on at Vancouver :

For all the party folks out there, Vancouver has a thriving and fun-filled night life. The main party areas surround Granville Street and Gastown, but do keep tabs on pop-up It-spots.

  1. Beach Trail in Toronto :

Popularly known as the Sugar beach, this spot has some amazing views of Lake Ontario and is located next to Redpath Sugar Refinery. Hire a Bicycle and tour around the beach or just sit on the sand for a summer tan. During summer, it’s a welcome retreat from heat of the city with the cool breeze blowing on you. And don’t you miss the number of food trucks and eateries adjoining the beach coupled with number of sporting activities going on.

  1. Transcontinental journey :

The TranConstinental train journey is sure going to enchant you. Hop aboard the Trans Canadian rails for a 4-night journey which links Toronto to Vancouver on the Pacific coast and features gentle prairie sunsets, dramatic Rocky Mountain panoramas ,rugged coastlines and every delightful picturesque beauty you can imagine. The journey includes stops in stunning cities such as Jasper, Saskatoon and Winnipeg. Book a ticket and enjoy your journey.

  1. Go camping in Ontario :

Fulfil your wilderness goals.  Canada’s many national parks are waiting. One of them is Algonquin Provincial Park, 2 hours north of Toronto. Here, in its mesmeric Boreal blend of pristine lakes and evergreen forests, you’ll find campers nodding off to howls of wolf packs and the strums of campfire ukulele sessions. The park has a dozen scenic campgrounds, or you can even rent a kayak and pitch your tent on a paddle-in island. Can anything be more blissful?!

  1. Food Fests :

Just about every weekend throughout the summer there’s a new food sampling opportunity at every other corner of Toronto. Take in the refined Tastemaker Toronto at Historic Fort York, the Taste of Little Italy which celebrates College Street’s rich Italian history, or the Taste of Lawrence in Scarborough with its array of flavors from practically every cultural community in the city. Time to gorge on some delicacies from around the world.

  1. Live Performance & Movie Screenings :

With the onset of summer, there’s a buzz in the cultural scene. Catch on some truly fascinating live performances of international artists. Movie screening under the star-filled sky inhabit local parks & squares. There are a whole lot of theatre performances to watch out for as well. Check out a traditional music festival. From folk in the west to country in the prairies and jazz in the east, there are plenty of summer sounds to get you dreaming.

  1. Take a tour through a Vineyard :

Take a trip through British Columbia’s Okanagan, Ontario’s Niagara region or Nova Scotia’s countryside for a taste of Canada’s wine country and all the distilleries decorating the route. Spend the day sipping away and the night at a scenic hotel or in an old Inn. Unwind and come back fresh!

So what are you waiting for?! Canada with it’s innumerable leisure activities is waiting for you to explore and discover!

Blog Authored by:   Rini Dalal

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Why move to Canada?- Blog

Life, liberty and the pursuit of Happiness has been a well known phrase in North America.

Over the years people have flocked to the USA with the hope and desire of living  this coveted American dream. America’s founding fathers created a vision that everyone deserves a chance and they will find it in America. This has been one of the most attractive ideas, making millions to migrate into this nation in search of good jobs, better lifestyle, a good education and a comfortable house to live in.

But this picture has undergone a significant change over past few decades. Some other countries have matched or surpassed the United States of America in terms of education, lifestyle, employment among other sectors.

One of them is their friendly neighbor up north, Canada.

Did you know that Canada is ranked as the 6th happiest country  as per World Economic Forum in comparison to USA which trails at 14th position now? Canadians also have a higher life expectancy as compared to that of Americans.

The notion of a free country has also taken a beating in USA and again some other countries like Canada have done better here. As per the Cato Institute’s Human Freedom Index –Canadians are considered the 6th freest people in the world, while Americans lag behind at 23rd.

Let us talk a little more about Canada now. Education and employment rates are at an all time high in Canada . 59 % of the population in Canada has earned a college degree (46% in USA). Canadians are more likely to find jobs. Canada’s employment rate is 4 points better. Unemployment in Canada is at a record low at 5% in past 20 yrs.

You are more likely to afford a house with a white picket fence in Canada, where home ownership has climbed upto 5% higher than the southern neighbor. Incredible? True! Canadians also enjoy their life as much as they work. In fact they have more time to spend time at home or leisure activities as they work over 80 hours fewer per year and get an extra 3 days vacation.

Do you want to know what the costs of living in Canada are? Click here for our blog post on the subject.

The comparison list is exhaustive. The measurement of economic inequality is significantly better in Canada over past 80 years. You are twice more likely to move from the poorest section of the population to the wealthiest in Canada, provided you are willing to work hard and give your heart and soul to whatever it takes to build one’s career path. As the saying goes, hard work pays.

While the recent developments in immigration scene of USA are turning out to be restrictive as also unpredictable and volatile, there has been an upward increase in immigrants into the continent.  In comparison to USA, Canada offers a dynamic range of immigration and visa programs. It also offers the most supporting social security benefits program for immigrants and their families. Canadian government is compassionate to immigrants and invests millions of dollars every year to help immigrants settle into their new lives in Canada, ensuring that newcomers can benefit from an improved quality of life after being eased into their new habitat.

The Canadian government spends more per capita on education than any other country in the world.

Not only has Canada achieved great heights but is arguably one of the the safest, healthiest, happiest country in the world. A fact that is backed by statistics.

Blog Authored by  Rini Dalal

This job is in demand in Canada right now- Blog

Immigrate to Canada and find work quickly as a cook or a chef. Restaurants are facing closure due to a severe shortage of trained staff.

At a time when Chefs like Gordon Ramsay and Susur Lee are household names and shows like Top Chef and Masterchef are as popular as soap operas , you would not be too surprised to hear that the demand for Cooks & Chefs has increased sharply over the past few years in Canada. From classy restaurants to large hotel chains, from resorts to cruise liners, those who are well trained and experienced in different cuisines have rewarding careers waiting for them in Canada.

The Federation of Chefs and Cooks of Canada have highlighted an urgent need for expert chefs and cooks in Canada – there is a severe shortage of skilled workers as millions of baby boomers hit retirement age and exit the workforce. A restaurant in Victoria, BC has just shut down operations for the whole month of August due to a shortage of line cooks.

Chew on this:

  1. Canada’s various multicultural restaurants employ 520,000 young people under the age of 25 – that’s one in five youth jobs.
  2. Restaurants provide more first jobs than any other industry. 22% of Canadians got their career start in a restaurant or foods ervice business. This industry directly employs more than 1.2 million people, or 6.9% of the Canada’s workforce – making it the country’s fourth-largest employer.

3.A greater percentage of Canadians will be living in retirement homes, which will need cooks trained to recognise and prepare food according to specific dietary needs.

The average wage : CAD 15.13 per hour (CAD 11.75 – CAD 20.67) with an additional hourly tip of CAD $ 1.8. Overtime can fetch you CAD $ 24. Total annual pay ranges from : CAD 26,099 – CAD 47,333. This is set to rise with the minimum wage increase in January 2018.

Blog Authored by: Rini Dalal

Reference : Job Vacancy Data, Stats Canada, July 2017

10 in-demand skills for jobs- Resource

This is the excerpt for your very first post.

Looking for a job

When you look for a job in Canada, on a given job posting you may know many skills that are mentioned. However there may still be other transferable or soft skills that employers expect from a new hire. With knowledge of what employers are actually looking for, you can work towards enhancing those skills. Also focus on customizing your resumé, cover letter and even your job interviews. Employers will give your resume a second glance only if you exhibit an understanding of their needs and the range of skills expected of the position.

Some of the top skills that hiring managers look for in Canada are: 

1. Communications expertise 

Candidates possessing great writing, speaking and listening skills are always sought after for every position. The ability to communicate effectively is in demand. Therefore, show them that you are a strong communicator and it will help you get ahead. You will need to work hard at it though, specially if your first language is not English.  


  • Make sure your resumé, cover letter and Social media ( Linked-in ) work are synced. All of them should state that you are a strong communicator. Do include examples and testimonials. Be prepared to walk the talk at the interview, if you want to get a foot in the door.  Also, knowing Canadian idioms and metaphors, like ‘foot in the door’ is a big plus.

2. Analytical and research skills

Employers need problem solvers. Use your prior experiences to assess difficult situations, and try to find a simple solution. These skills are valued by businesses and are very important to help you to move ahead 


  • Highlight this in your resume (Canadians don`t use the term `CV`) through examples [real stories] of problems that you have analyzed and solved in the past. Use the STAR technique, one of the most effective methods to crack the behavioral interview.  

3. Multicultural awareness

Canadian workplace and society in general are becoming more diverse than ever before. If you can demonstrate your informed knowledge of other cultures, it makes you a compassionate and appreciative member of society and the organisation.


Appreciate diversity – there are many right ways of doing things accepted across the globe, the Canadian workplace is becoming more multicultural every day.   

  • If you see someone behaving biased, try to subtly find out the reason. and try to appreciate their point of view and maybe educate them. Being easily offended will not really help the team.

4. Leading and managing teams

The ability to motivate and lead others can make or break organisations. An employer wishes to see a focused leader who can work well with others.


  • Share your success stories in team supervisor mode during job interviews. Reference the STAR model, above.

5. Planning and organization

Everyone needs to work together to manage big dreams with limited resources. This will not work without proper planning. 

6. Team player

Most jobs require people to work effectively in teams, so employers certainly look for previous examples of teamwork in your profile. As a potential employee, you must communicate and demonstrate that you have the ability and experience of working effectively with other people in a professional manner to achieve common targets and goals.


  • Show how you have been a resourceful team player in your previous assignments. Have references and testimonials of people appreciating you for building trusting relationships with customers and colleagues

7. Internet and social media 

Just about every job today requires a basic understanding of the internet. Since it is a valuable source of information, networking and  promotion, master it.  Internet and Social media usage and online public communication is gaining as much relevance as  basic computer and software knowledge did a couple of decades back. 


  • Keep a watch on your LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter profiles. Be thoughtful and creative with your presentation of thoughts.
  • Staying on the topic and communicating to the point always helps.
  • Being clear and assertive without offending needs some practice. Try it. A bit of wit and ability to laugh at oneself never hurts.

8. Be adaptable, prioritize and multi task

The business environment is constantly changing therefore you need to be quick on your feet. People who can think independently add immense value to the team.


  • Share success stories from the past to show that you are adaptable.  

9. Interpersonal skills

Wherever in the world you work, you will work with people. Therefore, how you relate to colleagues, clients, customers and others will always make a difference. Above all, employers will take a keen interest in your ability to share, inspire, manage conflict and develop people around you.


  • Let your resumé speak about co-working, group participation and facilitating teams. Where possible include positive feedback from peers, supervisors and employees alike.

10. Be reasonable

The ability to apply reason and yet resolve issues creatively will make you a very valuable member of any team. Therefore, this is the “go to” skill while dealing with clients. Add to this a balanced use of reason and novelty,  and employing the right options will facilitate resolution of many issues.

Blog Authored by: Angshuman Hazra