2 new avenues for Caregivers to move to Canada- News

The caregiver program in Canada has undergone several revisions so far.

In the past caregivers did not have much flexibility to change jobs quickly . There were several barriers that prevented family members from coming to Canada. These will be removed in the new pilot program announced by immigration minister Ahmed Hussen on 23rd February 2019

Caregivers will soon have access to 2 new 5-year caregiver immigration pilots. These will replace expiring programs.

Under the new pilots, applicants will be assessed for permanent residence criteria before they begin working in Canada. The caregiver just needs their work permit and 2 years of work experience.  They will then have access to a direct pathway to become a permanent resident.

The Caring for Children and Caring for People with High Medical Needs pilots will be phased out.

The new plans will include

  • Occupation-specific work permits for caregivers. This will provide them the freedom to change jobs quickly when necessary.
  • Open work permits for spouses/common-law partners and study permits for dependent children. This will permit the caregiver’s family to accompany them to Canada.

The Interim Pathway for Caregivers will be open from March 4, 2019, until June 4, 2019. This will allow caregivers already in Canada to apply for PR.

The current government has some impressive numbers to show off regarding caregivers. They have reduced 94% of the backlog and reduced the processing time to 12 months.


“Caregivers provide care to families in Canada that need it, and it’s time for Canada to care for them in return. We are providing them with both the opportunity to bring their family members here and access permanent residency to demonstrate our commitment.”

– The Honourable Ahmed Hussen, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship

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