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You want the best for your children. We understand that at Arkangel Inc. Parents all over the world are trying to provide a “better life” for their children than they had.

This blog profiles education in Canada and the different paths a student can take to enter what is a growing workforce in Canada. 

Maybe you have heard of kids like Cindy*. Her parents moved to Canada before she was born. She went to Montessori school until age 7 and then she went to public school until age 18. She attended Humber college for practical nursing and later for a Bachelor of Nursing. She works in urgent care as a Registered Nurse making $68,000/year salary**.

When I speak to families who have sent their children to Canada to go to school they all say the same thing. “I want the very best for my son” or “we want our daughter to have a bright future full of opportunity”. These are common cries of parents thinking about sending their child on a student visa to Canada.

Students like Raoul*. Raoul went to private school in his home country and but was accepted to Alathena private school in Ontario Canada when he turned 13. He studied there until 18 when he was accepted to a top Canadian University and completed a Bachelor of Science degree, scored well on the MCAT and went on to medical school. He is now a Family Doctor earning $120,000/year salary**.

Your child is unique. You are unique, and one of the best reasons to study in Canada is that we have options to help your child achieve their goals.

Like Jordan*, who is from Iran. Her family immigrated to Canada when she was 2. She went to Montessori school until age 6 and then went to public school until age 14 where she switched to private school until age 18. After completing high school she went on to study humanities at Brock University and achieved a Bachelor of Arts degree. After scoring well on the LSAT test and combined with an undergraduate degree she qualified and was accepted to a first-level law degree at Queens University, followed by articling to acquire her license and finally was admitted to the “bar” after passing the necessary exams. Now she has become a full-time Family Lawyer earning $235,000/year salary**.

In Canada, education comes with options. You will have many questions – which school will you send them to? How will you know they are getting the best education and are on track to a better life? How will you keep them safe from so far away?

.Just like Ben’s parents. Ben* was not born in Canada but his parents wanted a better future for him – so they sent him overseas to study in Canada. Ben went to private school at Chinook from grade 7 – 12 and then attended Brock University in Ontario where he studied Accounting and is now a Chartered Professional Accountant Coordinator earning $68,000/year** 

In Canada we boast about our education and we have some great private schools that help your child achieve their dreams. Most importantly, there are many opportunities available for gifted students to receive the mentoring that they require to succeed.  

Top schools like Alathena, a private school that opened its first location in 2010 in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada. At Alathena they “believe every student has an equal opportunity and space to demonstrate their knowledge.” Althena is an all boys school and a top choice for families looking to send their son to Ontario.

Student success is their top priority and they have school staffed with highly trained and skilled administrators, teachers, support staff and volunteers.

By blending the goals of the curriculum,  including success criteria and ongoing assessment, with the latest technologies and beautiful renovated spaces,  Alathena is home to many students from overseas whose parents began with a dream for their child

There are some families who have a deep need for faith based education. A reputable option to consider are school networks such as Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools. Their international program is a place to improve English language learning skills, learn about Canadian culture, and receive among the highest quality learning experience in a safe, beautiful, culturally diverse and accepting environment. With a growing network of 3 high schools and about a dozen elementary schools, this is a great option for faith based education overseas and is available both both boys and girls.

Visit their website to learn more and click here to ask us how we can help your child to come study in Canada. 

Finally a great private school option for students abroad of both genders is Chinook. They boast that at Chinook you can “Improve your English, make friends and immerse yourself in a unique Canadian culture….You will have a life changing experience and become a lifelong member of our International family.”

Offering Provincial curriculum equivalents and competitive scoring, Chinook is a home away from home to many international students.

Visit their website here and click here to ask us how we can help enroll your child to come study in Canada. 

Every child is different and requires a different set of needs. Imagine a country that celebrates your child’s uniqueness, imagine a country that will accommodate your situation. This is education in Canada and at ArkAngel Education we are always eager to discuss the path that may be best for you. 

Cecelia Ahern said, ‘Shoot for the moon, even if you fail, you will land among the stars’; with a Canadian education under their belt your dreams will be a reality.

Let’s make it happen together,  Celebrate the power of education, soar with us!   

Blog Authored by:  Guest Blogger- Amanda Piron

*names and stories are not specific to any individual. Any resemblance is coincidental, the stories give an idea of possible paths for students in Canada

**salary information available via

About the author: Amanda Piron is an Ontario Certified English Teacher and is passionate about helping new Canadians achieve their career goals!

Author: Arkangel Inc.

The team at Arkangel Inc. provides helpful tips and advice on living and working in Canada. We are a fully licensed Canadian Immigration Consultancy so you can rest assured that you are in safe hands.

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